River Flow

Holly to Corunna

Before paddling between Holly and Owosso, please check the Facebook page of Keepers of the Shiawassee River for recent river conditions. Some sections of the river can become blocked with fallen trees, particularly in the spring time after winter frost and storms, or after high winds.

Owosso to Chesaning

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) measures Shiawassee River flow in Owosso, MI. This information is useful for predicting paddling conditions from Owosso to Chesaning.

The Shiawassee River is most enjoyable from Owosso to Chesaning when the river gauge height is above 2.5 feet or below 7 feet. During periods of low water or drought the river becomes more difficult to navigate, and trip times can take considerably longer due to shallow waters and navigating obstacles. During periods of high water, when the river gauge is above 7 feet, the river can become dangerous and many bridges will be too low to pass under.

The current river gauge height is shown below.