Community Support

The communities along the Shiawassee River have shown their support for the water trail by incorporating the river into their 5-year parks and recreation plans, master plans, non-motorized transportation plans, and capital improvement plans.

Over 55 letters of support have been provided by organizations from local businesses, conservation organizations, local governments, recreation providers and tourist/chamber sources and are attached with the application. Many of these local organizations provide free river events to the public including Fenton Riverfest, Linden Flotilla, the Curwood Festival, fishing tournaments in Chesaning, and annual river cleanups along the entire trail.

 A full listing of contact information of the Coalition is available for download here, Shiawassee River Water Trail Contact List

 Those interested in joining the Coalition are encourage to review the following documents.


The following organizations and governments have supported our water trail initiatives by becoming

Members of the Shiawassee River Water Trail Coalition

a Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the following:

  • City of Corunna
  • City of Linden
  • City of Owosso
  • Friends of the Shiawassee River
  • Headwaters Trails
  • Keepers of the Shiawassee
  • North Oakland Headwaters Land Conservancy
  • Township of Argentine
  • Township of Chesaning 
  • Township of Holly
  • Village of Chesaning
  • Village of Holly
  • Village of Oakley
  • Village of Vernon


The following organizations and governments have supported our water trail initiatives by giving the Coalition support to use their access point for paddlers:

  • Argentine Township
  • Byron Public Schools
  • Chesaning Township 
  • City of Corunna
  • City of Fenton
  • City of Linden
  • City of Owosso
  • DeVries Nature Conservancy 
  • Genesee County Drain Commission
  • Headwaters Trails
  • Holly Township
  • Owosso Public Schools
  • Shiawassee County Board of Commissioners
  • Village of Chesaning
  • Walnut Hills Campground


The following organizations and governments have supported our water trail initiatives by providing the Coalition with a letter of support:

Argentine Township 
Ben Frederick - State Rep
Byron DDA
Caledonia Charter Township
Charter Township of Fenton
Chesaning Village
City of Owosso
Community Foundation Greater Flint
Dan Kildee - Congress
Dave Robertson- Senate
Debbie Stabenow - Senate
EZ Kayak
Fenton Chamber
Genesee Conservation District
Genesee County Drain Commissioners Office
Genesee County Parks
Genesee-Lapeer -Shiawassee Region Planning and Development Commissioner
Hank Vaupel - State Rep
Holly Area Schools

Holly Waste Water Plant

John Moolenaar - Congress

Joseph Graves - State Rep
Ken Horn - Senator
Matador's Pizza
Memorial Healthcare

Michigan Municipal League

Michigan Lake and Stream Association 

New Haven Township
Oakland County Economic Dev. & Comm. Affairs
Oakland County Trail, Water, and Land Alliance
Owosso Charter Township
Red Fox Outfitters
Rick Jones - Senate
Saginaw Basin Land Conservancy
Shiawassee Conservation Association
Shiawassee Conservation District
Shiawassee County Convention and Visitors Bureau
Shiawassee County Health Department
Shiawassee County Historical Society
Shiawassee County Parks and Rec Commission
Shiawassee Live Healthy Coalition
Shiawassee Regional Chamber of Commerce
Shiawassee Township
Shiawassee YMCA
Sierra Club
Southern Lakes Parks & Rec.
Steelman Agency
The Nature Conservancy
Tim Kelly - State Rep
Village of Holly


There are many project examples showing community support of the Shiawassee River water trail.

  •  An online survey promoted by the Friends of the Shiawassee River in 2017 received 118 responses. The major activities enjoyed on the Shiawassee include wildlife viewing, kayaking/canoeing, and fishing. A total of 115 respondents support the development of the Shiawassee River Water Trail.
  • The Shiawassee County Board of Commissioners endorsed the Shiatown County Park Dam removal and funded a new boat launch, a 40-acre riverside addition to the Park, a parking lot, access site signs and fishing platform in concert with the removal.
  • The City of Corunna is the project administrator for the grant funded Corunna Dam removal. Restoration is involved, a barrier free boat launch, increased river access for fishing, restoration, a new land trail to connect Corunna’s two riverside parks and paddle boat landing facilities.  Each of the dam removals involves $500,000 investments.
  • A multi-jurisdictional authority representing four municipalities in Shiawassee County have formed under state law authority to upgrade the 4-mile James Miner River Walkway, a companion facility to the water trail on which many river/trail events take place.
  • Grants from foundations reveal a long standing source of support.  Examples are the Cook Family Foundation’s investment in a 5-year Nature Conservancy project which focused on improving water quality.  In the past five years, the Saginaw Bay Watershed Initiative foundation funded 6 new paddle boat launches on the Trail as well as a grant to fund the application to the NPS for the National Water Trail designation.
  • Clean-ups draw large crowds of 60 persons/event on average and in every year.  The stream team program operates in 10 areas with each team composed of 100 volunteers.  The three Trail entities operate on a volunteer basis with the majority composed of professional persons offering pro bono services.