Coalition Meeting - September 2017

Coalition Meeting - September 14, 2017



Argentine Township


In attendance: Dave Richardson, Phil Hathaway, David Lossing, Sarah Baker, Tom Cook, Rob Vandemark, Brian Saad, Sue Julian, Joetta Pyles-Zalewski, Tyler Graham, Sara McDonnell

1         Application Update –

Phil reported that the National Park Service has begun reviewing our plan and application. The initial comments received were that we have a great application and plan. The National Park Service will not be sending anyone from Washington DC to field verify the trail. They will rely on Barbara Nelson-Jameson because of her involvement with our plan and application.

2         Work Plan –

The water trail plan lists a work plan that is comprehensive but can also be overwhelming. Meeting attendees suggested focus areas for the next year

  • Coalition meetings – setting agenda, recording minutes
  • Trail Management
  • Coordination of Work (Administration)
  • Communication along entire trail
  • Fundraising (we can appoint a fiduciary instead of seeking our own 501c3 status)
  • Marketing – get more technology, include QR codes, coordinate social media, use videos to promote the trail and attractions.


3         Coalition Structure and Membership -

Discussion on if the Coalition needs to appoint officers, and if should first focus on what we need to accomplish, and structure would follow.

Meeting attendees discussed what types of decisions would require a vote.

  • Setting parameters for our work
  • Spending money
  • Endorsing Coalition member projects
  • Supporting policy

Participation was suggested as follows

  • Organizations that have signed the MOU are the voting members. Each organization is entitled to one vote.
  • General membership is open and free, including at-large members, and trail managers of parks and individual access points. Encourage members to contribute to the individual trail organizations (Headwaters, Keepers, Friends, etc)


4         Post National Park Service and Saginaw Bay WIN Support

Our grant ends on September 30, 2017. Barbara Nelson-Jameson will still be available for consultation but not able to participate in meetings. Phil Hathaway and Sara McDonnell will still be available for consultation as well.

In the short term, communication needs to happen between member organizations and individuals and the Friends of the Shiawassee River. Each organization should assign a point person to communicate events, etc with Sarah Baker from Friends of the Shiawassee River. In the future, a staffed position, or “Clearinghouse Coordinator” is needed that manages communications between all the groups, maintains a common calendar, and coordinates social media, and website

Next Steps

Meeting of MOU Members to discuss structure, framework to get work done, and assign responsible parties, members should bring proposals on how to get tasks done in the next year and long-term

-          Each MOU members needs to designate a representative to participate in Coalition, and designate one or two alternate representatives

-          Responsibilities of each Coalition representative are to participate in meetings, report local activities to the Coalition, and report Coalition activities back to their respective organization

-          Each member should consider how they can financially contribute to the whole water trail effort

The participating government could look to see how they can support trail management, communication, and financial contributions (to their own respective parks that support the water trail)

Long term consider how everyone can contribute to support a “Clearinghouse Coordinator” that manages communications between all the groups, maintains a common calendar, and coordinates social media, and website

Next Meeting: October 19, 2017, Argentine Township Hall, 7pm

-          Phil, Sarah, Sara, David, and Barbara will meeting in the interim to plan agenda for the October 19 meeting, others are welcome to join the planning meeting.

-          Sue Julian is contacting MOU members to let them know about designated a representative.