BYRON Water Trail BMP Inventory Work Group Meeting

The next step in the Water Trail planning process is to do an inventory of Best Management Practices (BMP) in a variety of areas listed below. 

Leaders and experts (tourism, parks and recreation, economic development/business, marketing, historical and cultural, conservation, education, government,  planning, and other such areas) from the area are needed to work on the BMP Inventory. 

I have attached a link to the site that will explain the BMP’s in greater detail in the CURRENT HOMERWORK section (button on right), as well as something regarding Trail Towns….I think your community could be a great candidate for this status.  

Water Trail Best Management Practices: (click here for detailed BMP Fact Sheets)

  • Recreation Opportunities: The water trail route has established public access points that accommodate a diversity of trip lengths and provide access to a variety of opportunities for recreation and education.
  • Education: The water trail users are provided with opportunities to learn about the value of water resources, cultural heritage, boating skills, and outdoor ethics.
  • Conservation: The water trail provides opportunities for communities to develop and implement strategies that enhance and restore the health of local waterways and surrounding lands.
  • Community Support: Local communities provide support and advocacy for maintenance and stewardship of the water trail.
  • Public Information: The public is provided with accessible and understandable water trail information, including details for identifying access and trail routes; cultural, historic, and natural features; hazards; and water quality. The water trail is promoted to the community and broad national audience.
  • Trail Maintenance: There is a demonstrated ability to support routine and long-term maintenance investments on the water trail. Facilities are designed, constructed, and maintained by incorporating sustainability principles.
  • Planning: Maintain a water trail plan that describes a vision, desired future conditions, and strategies to strengthen best management practices.

  National Water Trail Criteria:

  1. The trail (and its access points) must be open to public use and be designed, constructed, and maintained according to best management practices, in keeping with the anticipated use. Water trail access points that demonstrate state-of-the-art design and management are especially encouraged to apply for national water trail designation.
  2. The trail is in compliance with applicable land use plans and environmental laws.
  3. The trail will be open for public use for at least 10 consecutive years after designation.
  4. The trail designation must be supported by the landowner(s), (public or private), on which access points exist.

Thanks again for everything and I look forward to seeing you again soon! 

September 22, 2016 at 6:00pm - 8pm
Byron Municipal Building
146 S Saginaw
Byron, MI
United States
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Lauri Elbing · · 9897239062

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