April 2018

Shiawassee River Water Trail Coalition

April 26, 2018

Meeting Minutes


  1. Introductions – 21 in attendance
  2. Chairs Update
    1. Senate Resolution 153 introduced in committee to oppose $10 waterways registration fee, passed unanimously.
    2. WMU Student Project: Sue Julian and David Lossing have planning documents for sections of the river from Holly to Owosso area.
    3. Voting for beer/wine names, circle top four. May 30th opportunity to volunteer to help brew our beer! Top choices will be on website – can vote $1


  • Multi-Use Pathways
    1. LAFF Pathways (Linden-Argentine-Fenton-Fenton township) Jesse from Red Fox Outfitters, [email protected]
      1. Working with SLPR to be grant applicant
      2. Argentine township getting first section built pending securing the remaining match
  • Plan to complete Silver Lake Rd section from Argentine to Linden in 2020
  1. James S Miner Trail (Corunna, Owosso, Caledonia Township) Merilee, City of Corunna
    1. Dam update – project at $900,000 includes dam removal, bank restoration, boardwalk, fishing pier, parking improvements, ADA canoe/kayak launch
    2. James S Miner Trail runs along the river, clearing done, raising funds through MEDC’s Patronicity campaign for surface improvements
  1. Partner Organization Updates
    1. Argentine Twp presented trail plan to Community Foundation Greater Flint – Fenton Community Fund
    2. Potential mapping of Shiawassee River – Terrain 360. Oakland County’s being mapped in 2019.
    3. Hogan Road bridge being replaced in 2021
    4. EcoTourism inventory happening at UM-Flint EDA Center
    5. Friends – 12 sites for Benthic Mentoring
      1. Corunna – April 30
      2. Fenton – May 5
  • Shiatown – May 6
  1. Garlic Mustard Pulls
  1. Byron Fun Day – July 14th – River Regatta, involved with Middle School boat building; duck race
  2. New city manager in Owosso introduced to River Trail courtesy of Phil Hathaway; Village of Vernon awarded grant $9000 from Saginaw Bay WIN to boat launch
  3. River Training for May 17th – 5:30pm -7pm in Bush Park; massive river cleanup on May 19 and 20.
  4. Trailhead in Holly, applying for grants through State Historic Preservation office to make improvements
  5. June 24th – Shiawassee River Fest in Linden MI
  6. Strategic Planning project this summer with Professor Daniel Hummel from the University of Michigan – Flint, excited to build relationship between Coalition and MPA program at UM-Flint
  7. City of Fenton river cleanup on May 23


May 24, 2018

Featured speaker: Conservation Districts - CISMA